A tired and aged aspect of a face is a result of several factors including sun damage to the skin and wrinkles, combined with sagging and a loss of fat in the face. This gives a rather hollowed out aspect in the upper half of the face, and unaesthetic lines at the lower half of the face (sagging of tissues, deeper naso-labial grooves, loss of a nice jaw-line and an unsightly neck).

These problems are addressed both by the repositioning of the deeper tissues, and by the redraping of the skin (after removal of excess skin). This is done through an incision that runs from the temporal region, along the ear down to the ear lobe.

A Face lift restores the aesthetic lines of the face with a repair of the jaw line, lip angles and mouth creases (naso-labial fold), and fuller aspect of the cheeks. This gives the skin a tighter and therefore younger aspect.

Additional procedures that are often combined with a facelift include: eyelid surgery, brow lift, lipofilling (fat injections).

A Face lift is performed under general anaesthesia (in limited cases under local anaesthesia), takes three hours to perform, and requires a night stay in the hospital.

During your consultation your surgeon will discuss with you the technical options and possible adjunctive procedures. Your surgeon will guide you in your choice. He will also discuss with you the possible discomforts and complications.