Intimate surgery-Corrections labia (labiaplasty) – Oversized small labia (labia minora) can be disturbing both aesthetically and functionally (sexual activity quality, sports, etc.). The labia minora can be reduced so that the functional problems usually resolve and aesthetics are improved. This procedure can also be performed on women after pregnancy and / or aging resulting in a ‘rejuvenation’of the labia. The procedure is done under local or general anaesthesia, takes one hour to perform and is done in the day clinic. During your consultation your surgeon will discuss with you the desired results. He will also discuss with you the possible discomforts and complications.

VAGINAL TIGHTENING – In this procedure the vaginal canal is tightened for better definition and higher pleasure. It can be done by two possibilities: actual tightening or by lipofilling.

G-spot Enhancement – In this procedure the G-spot is enhanced giving it higher friction during intercourse. It is often performed together with vaginal rejuvenation.




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