Breast Reconstruction


There are two types of breast reconstructions: reconstruction by prosthesis and reconstruction using your own tissue.

For reconstruction by prosthesis an implant is placed in the place of the breast in a similar way as an aesthetic implant augmentation. However, there are two fundamental differences. The first is the absence of breast tissue and / or skin to cover the prosthesis. Secondly, in some cases prior treatment has already been performed (radiotherapy, partial amputations, etc.).

Reconstructions by your own tissues are divided into two major groups namely the free flap and pedicled flap reconstruction.

Free flaps are a microsurgical method of reconstruction, where tissue is taken from of a relatively distant donor site of the patient, which is than transplanted to the breast (DIEP flap, GAP flap) as opposed to pedicled flaps, pedicled tissues (still attached to the body) of a close-lying area are used to create a new breast (TDAP flap).

Your surgeon will guide you in choosing the most appropriate technique for you in order to regain your femininity. He will also discuss with you the possible discomforts and complications.